Origami coffee table in production

Origami coffee table is now in production and we are happy to share couple of images with you of the fabrication process. We always feel it’s important to give you a bit of “behind the scenes” insight. This particular coffee table is being locally made for a client near Mavis & Eglinton st. in Mississauga, Ontario.

1. Material choice

Based on the client’s requirement to keep the price as low as possible, we decided to choose more affordable material. Her preference was light wood material and after a couple of samples reviewed, she chose cherry wood with a clear lacquer finish.

Cherry hardwood

2. The gluing process

Once the wood was glued-up and planed down to a specific thickness, it was ready for the table saw.

Gluing up hardwood together

Gluing up chery wood for coffee table

3. The cutting process

It is the specific angle cutting that gives the Origami coffee table its unique look.

Specific angle cutting

If you are an experienced wood woodworker, feel free to grab the shop drawings with all the measurements and angles.
4. The assembly

Assembly requires a professional touch and woodworking experience to make sure everything works just right. Slight inaccuracies may create many problems with the glass hardware and the table can also lose its beauty & intricate simplicity.

Assembly also requires a professional touch

Inaccuracy can create many problems

5. Jig drilling

Once the wood is cut and wood base is assembled, a drilling jig will help us to make an accurate hole for glass hardware. After that, everything is ready for the glass top that goes on top of it.

Drilling jig for accurate hole

 Update: See more images from glass hardware installation

Drilling hardware for on edges close-up on hardware pocket and screw nut Coffee table form another angle

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